Why Cardio Exercises May not be Helping You Lose Weight

by : Michael T. Davis

If you are like many people who use cardio exercise equipment at home or at the gym, you have seen the settings on the machine that display the fat burning zone. You probably have targeted the length and intensity of your exercise to stay within this zone so you can lose weight quickly.

Typically, what this fat burning zone does is keep the intensity of your exercise in a zone that is fairly easy to maintain vs the other settings. This is because the fat burning zone is setup for people to exercise slower and less intense than is possible as this burns more fat. Some of the best fitness and exercise experts agree with this.

Now, that isn't to say there isn't merit in that, but using it as a hard and fast rule when picking the best exercise to lose weight quickly could have a negative impact on your weight loss goals. Too many people get caught up in the fat burning zone as they believe that in order to lose weight what they need and want to lose is fat, and only fat.

Instead you should be focusing on the total number of calories you are burning. If you burn enough calories with the right type of exercises and workouts, you are almost guaranteed to be burning more than enough fat.

You need to find exercises that push your limits but do not overtax you. The best exercises are the ones that you are able to do but find that they tire you out.