Tired of Seeing Your Weight Go Up and Down?

by : Sharon James

The concept of a yo-yo diet comes from the common misconception of what a diet is supposed to be. A diet is your daily and habitual regimen for supplying you body with the necessary nutrients needed for the sustainment of life. Many people have misconstrued this over the years to the point that people now mistake it for fasting which is basically eating less food or none at all over a period of time.

What happens when you eat less food is a natural biological process. While most people assume that they are in complete control of their bodies, this is not exactly the case. Our bodies are in control of making sure that we stay alive subconsciously. When we get sick the body sends antibodies to fix the ailment and return us to a healthy state.

Unfortunately, the body does not realize the difference between being fat or skinny. All it sees is the necessary energy storage reserves that it may need in dire times. These energy storages are what we call fat.

In a yo-yo diet where you decide to eat less, although you may loose the weight by burning off these excess energy reserves, the body sees this as an issue and in response it will store more reserves next time to prevent it from happening again. This is the concept of a yo-yo diet. In this form of life, you loose the weight but then gain it back and in most cases you gain more back then you had before.

There is only one way to stop this cycle from occurring again and that is through a natural and safe weight loss program. This safe and natural means of loosing weight is through changing the foods that you eat into higher energy foods. When you eat foods that are high in protein, vitamins and nutrients, the body no longer needs these fat reserves and begins to burn them off naturally by feeding the fat cells to your muscle mass.

The goal for any diet, is to increase you intake of high energy foods so that your body does not need to keep reserves stored for the just in case situations. The higher energy foods that you are able to ingest means that some of the energy will go to waste and in return the body will start shedding off the weight.

This is the concept of the yo-yo diet as well as the most sensible solution to preventing it from occurring in the future. You increased consumption of foods with sufficient amounts of protein, nutrients and vitamins in combination with some good and healthy aerobic exercise routine will have you loosing the extra weight quicker without the worry of gaining it back.