How To Lose Weight Successfully

by : Sharon Reid

Regardless of age, if we are overweight we want to know how to lose weight successfully. What may have worked for us once may stop working the older we get. In addition, if we have suffered through diet and a heavy exercise regime with success we want to know that when we begin to eat and exercise normally the weight loss will be maintained.

As we get older we begin to realize that life is finite. We look back to when we were younger and shudder at some of the risks we took and wonder how on earth we survived till middle age in the first place.
But we are still here, often several kilos heavier than optimum weight necessary to avoid lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure.

How did this happen? Perhaps we are eating more and we are less sedentary than we were in our earlier years so we figure we will just eat a bit less and exercise a bit more.

This tactic certainly worked for me when I was young. I was an overweight 14 year old, but losing that weight took no effort at all. I just put less butter on my bread and had less custard with my dessert. Problem solved.

Now as an overweight 47 year old it is not so easy. Cutting calories and walking down to the post office instead of driving is just not moving those kilos.

And nor will a full blown diet and exercise regime. One of my girlfriends of similar age needed to lose weight for a wedding and succeeded. Problem was, when she started eating normally again the kilos just all came back. Now, her weight will not budge regardless of how many fruit lunches she eats and the number of kilometers she swims each morning before work.

I also know people who have had great success with diets such as the Atkins diet but who also report that the weight loss was not sustainable.

Fortunately I have come across some good news for those of us who have trouble losing weight.

Firstly, it seems that we have a build up of parasites in our colons. These parasites are partly responsible for our inability to lose weight as well as responsible for contributing to dietary related diseases such as those already mentioned earlier.

Secondly, speeding up our metabolism will contribute weight loss. Although you may already know this, what you may not realize is that not all exercise is created equal. Whilst all exercise is good for us, not all exercise will contribute to an increase in metabolism. In addition, certain foods are known to increase metabolism.

So, if you have can't lose weight successfully it may be worth ridding your colon of those pesky parasites along with doing exercise and eating more of those foods known for speeding up metabolism.