Count Your Calories and Lose Weight

by : Amit Kheterpal

The basic simple guiding principle to losing weight to eat fewer calories than you can burn. That means in simple mathematics that you outgo should be more than your intake. So that there is a net outflow of calories from the system.

In simple language the calorie is a measure of potential energy in the food. It is similar to what fuel is for the car. It makes the body run, walk, sit or for that matter do anything. The calorie is available to us via enzymes whose task is to break the molecules and then release the energy for the use of the body.

Then the question is that why eating more calories gets you fat. The calories are used for all sorts of activities that the body does. When you are doing enough activity these calories go into glycogen stores in the liver for use later similar to the energy reserves. When you eat more food that means more calories than you body can hold out in the reserves then the calories get converted into fat and get distributed all across the body.

To lose a pound of weight you will have to burn about 3500 calories and that means that if you burn approximately 350 calories for 10 days then you can lose 1 pound of weight.

This all boils down to simple things that you with your diet and that is replacing high calorie diet with a low calorie diet. That may not be that easy to do but yes the fact is that in a combination of exercise and diet control you can achieve sufficient burning of calories to achieve weight loss.

So if you decide to lose weight then there are a few things that you need to do. The first one being start walking or running. This will help you have more calorie outflow than inflow. Start drinking water as that is the best fro draining out the excess fat in the body in addition to filling you up which reduces your craving for food.

Discipline is what people lack. In most cases after a few days people check the results and see that they have lost only 2 pounds, get disheartened and go back to old eating habits. Make sure not get disheartened and before you begin you should know that it will take time and a large amount of time to show results. It took you huge amounts of food to put on that weight so why it should be different while shedding weight.