An Easy and Simple Cellulite-free Diet

by : Beth Cunningham

Most people don't want to try an anti-cellulite diet, because they think it will be hard work and deprive them of the foods they love. But changing your diet to eradicate cellulite is simply that - a change.

Losing weight and getting rid of cellulite is easy with the correct information about how diet can help. And the best part about it is that once you know the secret to easy weight-loss and cellulite elimination, you'll be able to see amazing results in as little as 30 days with no calorie counting or starvation needed.

Using your diet to eliminate cellulite is the most natural treatment there is to cure cellulite once and for all. So don't be mistaken in thinking that an anti-cellulite diet means only eating low-fat boring foods, because it doesn't.

The only real secret to getting rid of cellulite is to eat only natural foods. This means eating more home-made meals and less processed foods. And that's it! It really is that simple.

You see, cellulite is a build up of fat and toxins which your body stores just under your skin. This problem is also further aggravated by water being stored around these hard, fatty deposits, which causes the much loathed cottage cheese' or 'dimpling effect.

So to lose cellulite you need to stop eating fat and toxins so that your body will stop storing them. And most processed food contain large amounts of fat and chemicals. Highly processed foods are usually high in salt (sodium) too which encourages more water storage in your cellulite.

Eating more natural foods also helps you to eat less. You see, your body understands what natural foods (vegetables, fruit, pulses, beans, eggs, etc) are and when you've eaten enough, your body will tell you that you are full so that you don't over-eat.

But when you eat highly processed foods, your body isn't always sure what the ingredients are and so doesn't recognise them as food that is filling you and so cannot tell you to stop eating.

Couple this with the fact that these foods are saturated with fat, salt, sugar and chemicals, and you've got a real problem.

So start making your own pies, pizzas and other meals. They'll not only be lower in fat and be chemical-free, but they'll also taste better and help you lose weight and get rid of your cellulite at the same time.

But you don't have to deprive yourself of your favourite foods such as donuts, chocolate and takeaways.?

Just make them a special treat once a week? or, better still, once a month

And be kind to your body, because in the end it's you who will reap the rewards.