The Real Winner of the 2008 Super Bowl: the Media

by : Mathew

Wondering who the winner of the upcoming Super Bowl will be? Don't bother, you put your eyes on it every day. TV networks are the silent winners of the Super Bowl (and other sports events), contrary to what people think.

Usually people point at online sportsbooks and sports betting fans accusing them to be the ones who take the big piece of pie during those big events. Of course, they do get a nice profit. But let's get real. The Media gets a profit from everyone watching during the Super Bowl TV schedule, whether they place bets or not.

The funny thing is that people don't really think about how the simple fact of lying their eyes on the TV gives the networks so much money. According to TNS Media Intelligence, the Network TV ad revenue for 2006 Super Bowl was $162.5 millions. Just 30 seconds of advertising had a price of $2.5 million dollars! Not bad, huh?

Networks know that advertisers will end up paying almost any ridiculous price to have an ad transmitted during the most important game of all NFL Season. Millions of sports fans watching means millions of possibilities of getting new clients to try their product or service. Ratings are the major goal for TV Newtorks, not only because of the advertisers that will pay them for at least 30 seconds of their time, but also because this is a great opportunity for them to advertise their own shows. Have you thought about it? How many times have you ended up watching trailers of the channel's series and other upcoming attractions? They are making a huge business just for the time we spend on that TV channel instead of another one.

Super Bowl TV Schedules are the ones that make the biggest revenue for the networks. Sports betting fans will have just a little piece of the action, and sportsbooks will probably have some extra cash too. However, it is the media that takes the biggest amount, and we don't even realize how much money we are giving to them. So, during the next Super Bowl game, you will probably remember that your time is their money. Definitely an amazing way to win every year, no matter which NFL team gets the victory!