Can Pro Sports Survive?

by : Marcus Robbins

With the cost of everything going up, it makes it very hard on the sports fans to go to their favorite sporting events. ?I'm talking gas prices, ticket prices, food ect. The inflation and the poor economy is taking a toll on everyone. ?I think sooner or later it will have to start taking effect on people not being able to go, or at least cutting back on how many times they do go to their favorite events. ?

In turn it should trickle back to the sponsorrs and the owners who put up the monies to put on events like NASCAR and other sporting events that rely on that type of money in order for the event to be put on. I know that I must cut back in order to make my monthly budget, so something must go in order for me to stay in my guidelines. ?

If you Zooers are like me, it will start hurting all sports, I'm hoping that I can watch the sporting events on TV so I won't lose out on everything. ?I wonder what will happen when gas prices reach 7.00 per gallon next year as they are predicting, will people still be able to go as they are now?

How do the rest of you feel about this issue? ?I would love to hear some more thoughts because I think it's a serious one that we as sports fans should start thinking about.

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