Lose Body Fat - Get This Trick Right and Kiss the Pounds Goodbye

by : Tom Gifford

Quite often, people struggle to lose body fat and end up giving up all together. They feel like their body simply will not cooperate with them no matter what they do.

Have you ever fallen into this category? Maybe you have successfully been able to lose body fat only to gain it all back again and then some.

If you ever feel like you cannot lose body fat nomatter what you try to do, then pay special attention to the concepts in this article. Let's take a look at one of the biggest reasons so many people struggle to lose body fat once and for all.

The Biggest Reason Why People Have Trouble Trying to Lose Body Fat

The reason is this: they eat too many calories.

Sounds incredibly simple doesn't it? In fact you have probably heard this before somewhere. It is basic, simple, but is the biggest reason that people have trouble trying to lose body fat.

They do not have trouble because they have some physiological disorder, not because they aren't doing enough cardio, not because they were born with bad genes, not because they are "failures," not because they have no will power, just simply because they take in too many calories.

Unfortunately this message gets lost in the media where everyone in the magazines or newspaper seems to have some newly discovered "miracle" concept about why you haven't been able to lose body fat. Before you know it you are thinking it is because of a hundred different reasons and your head is spinning because you are so confused.

That brings us up the next important point.

The Biggest Reason Why We Eat Too Many Calories

The reason is this: too much processed food.

Have you ever looked at the nutritional info of a pre packaged muffin? One of these muffins might be small in size but has 450-600 calories! Foods like this simply do you make you feel full. You could eat three or four and be hungry again an hour later. The same holds true for other processed foods like bagels, donuts, potato chips, fast food, soda, and other foods that are not filling but are extremely calorie dense.

If you diet consists of a lot of foods that fit this description then I can almost guarantee that you have excess body fat that you want to lose.

Trying to simply consume less processed food than you normally do is not the best answer either. If you purposely try to eat the same foods but less of them then you will be taking in less calories but will not feel full.

An Excellent Solution to This Problem

Trying cutting out processed foods and replacing them with lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. These foods are all very filling but are not overly calorie dense.

These foods are great for helping you lose body fat simply because you can eat until you feel full without having to worry about taking all the excess calories from the bad foods you may have eaten before.

You see, trying to lose body fat is simply a matter of taking in less calories from calorie dense foods and replacing them with more calories from vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins. Having a cheat meal 2 or 3 times per week will not affect you if you are eating good food the rest of the time.

Another excellent way to help with this process is to begin an exercise program that is specifically geared towards helping you lose body fat. This does not involve doing hours of endless cardio and using the strength training machines. The best exercise program to lose body fat is much different than that. If you want to learn more, stop by the website listed below.

This article has outlined the number one reason that people have trouble trying to lose body fat. When you take the time to truly absorb this information and permanently give up on the "miracle" quick fixes, you will be on the road to success. Good luck!