It Takes Time to Lose Weight

by : Terry Sandhu

The familiar story of the hare and the tortoise should remind us of what happens when you try to rush things and hope for a quick fix.

Never was this truer than in the case of weight loss. When it comes to losing weight, everyone wants to get results as soon as they possibly can. Now nobody can be blamed for wanting this. We all want our needs fulfilled quickly as we can,it's a trait that most of us posses.

However if you are looking to lose weight quickly, then the ultimate result will end in failure. Don't get me wrong, it is indeed possible to lose large amounts of weight in short periods of time. The results of quick weight loss will mean short term results and any weight that you may have lost, eventually returning. Often with a vengeance.

Your body is not something that you can clean up and change in a few weeks. Your body is a living entity, and this being the case it needs time to change. It needs time to adapt to the changes in diet and it needs time to adapt to increased activity.

It took us a long time to evolve from cretures crawling on all fours to become creatures that walk upright,it didn't take place over a period of a few months. When we want to change the way our bodies look, we are basically evolving into something else. This evolving is obviously on a much smaller scale; it won't take thousands of years for you to get thin. It will however take longer than a few weeks or a few months. This is a fact you need to accept, because once you understand and accept this concept, you won't give up or start to panic if you haven't lost a pound for a couple of days.

So many people fall into the trap that is set by certain companies that sell weight loss products. How often do you see products claiming to help you lose miraculous amounts of weight in a short time? Because we want to lose weight quickly we buy into this. What people don't realise is the effect that this type of weight loss will have on their bodies.

Can you imagine what it would do to your body if you had to lose more than 21000 calories a week? This is what would be required if you tried to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. To lose a pound of weight you will need to get rid of 3500 calories through diet or exercise. Of course you will lose weight for a few weeks, and you will feel happy about the results. After this initial time of success the weight loss will stop. By cutting back calories in such a huge amount,your body goes into a defensive mode and refuses to burn any more calories unless it really has to.

Just think about it; if you are used to eating a certain amount of food, and then this is cut down drastically, it comes as a shock to your body. This leads your body to defend itself from the shock by stopping you burning calories efficiently. Hence the weight loss comes to a standstill.

On top of this problem there is another problem that is going stop you losing weight. This other problem is your mind. Your brain uses 30% of the glucose that you consume. Glucose is converted from the carbohydrates that you consume. So if you decrease your calories by a large amount, it means less glucose for your brain. You will be left feeling tired,easily annoyed,and fed up. These types of feelings will quickly make you give up any weight loss program and revert to your original behaviours.

Traditional dieting methods rarely work. If his wasn't the case then why do people find it so hard to lose weight? You need to coax your body into losing weight and not force it. This is done in small stages, which will not put too much stress on your body or mind.

You should be looking at losing between 2-3 pounds a week. Your body is capable of accepting minor changes without any fuss,anything more and it goes to war with you. It can easily get used to losing a couple of pounds a week because compared to its whole; it is such a small amount. Many will say that losing this amount of weight sems to minimal, but how many of these people have succeeded to lose weight in the past with traditional dieting.

2 pounds a week over a 12 month period equates to a loss of 104 pounds. I know a year sounds like a long time but the truth is that doing it this way will be a workable situation. If you don't do it this way then you will continue to use fad diets which work for a short time and then stop working. The odds are that in a year you will find yourself in the same plac where you are today.

The simple truth is that by using some crash diet will result in your body crashing after a few weeks. Give your body the time it needs to adapt to any changes. Take your time and do it in small steps. Your body and your mind will be happier by doing it in this way. Most importantly the results will be much longer lasting. On the other hand you can stick with the crash diets and you will only get what you have always got.