The Secret of How to Burn Belly Fat and Reduce Stomach Fat

by : Jayson Hunter

Do you want to burn serious belly fat? I mean really burn it fast. The first thing you need to do is stop the calorie counting. Calorie counting leads to frustration and failure because it is too time consuming and you won't ever reduce your stomach fat. All you do is end up wishing you could succeed.

For those that have tried to do calorie counting does this sound familiar? The food doesn't have a label for you to know how many calories you are eating, you don't have your notebook to right down what you ate or you try at night to remember everything you had that day to add up your calories only to find you can't remember or you went over your calorie allotment.

What if there was a way to eat foods without having to count calories yet still not only lose weight, but lose more weight than the average dieter?

Thankfully researchers have proven that there is a more efficient way to burn belly fat than calorie counting. This doesn't involve any special program or fancy method of determining calories. It involves choosing the proper foods at the proper times. If you eat the right nutrients at the right times you not only feel full on less calories, but you maximize your fat furning potential and reduce stomach fat at the same time.

Pennsylvania State University researchers divided up 71 obese women into two groups. Both ate a reduced fat diet, but one group ate predominately fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. These are foods that are high in water content. Six months later the group eating the fruits, vegetables and lean meats lost an extra 5 pounds more than then the other group.

The participants not only ate more food but they felt less hungry throughout the day. These water rich foods allow you to eat good size portions while still providing fewer calories so that you can reduce stomach fat. Eating foods such as lean meats also provide a high thermic effect which helps you burn belly fat faster than eating other foods. Another reason why these foods works is because they are foods that help you feel fuller longer. A great nutrient to fill you up without a lot of extra calories is protein and fruits and vegetables also provide that fullness because they are good sources of fiber. All keys to reducing stomach fat.

Provided are some examples of lean protein and water rich fruits and vegetables to help you burn belly fat.

Lean Protein:

Chicken or turkey (white meat)
Tuna fish (canned, in water)
Lean beef
Egg whites
Non-fat cottage cheese
Fish (shark, salmon, flounder, etc.)

Water Rich Fruits and Vegetables

Salad (lettuce, romaine, etc.); use non-fat dressing. Cabbage
Green beans
Red or green pepper
Artichoke hearts

If you want to burn belly fat fast then make sure that at every feeding opportunity you incorporate a lean protein choice and at least 1 fruit or vegetable into your meal plan. To reduce stomach fat consistency is the key along with the proper fat burning foods. The foods listed above meet those guidelines to burn belly fat.

Do away with calorie counting forever and start enjoying life again. There is no need to diet to burn belly fat and quite frankly it doesn't work that well. If you eat the right foods and eat frequently not only will you not have to diet, but you will burn belly fat at a furious pace. No more trying to remember what you ate for breakfast or if you had a snack at 10am and how many calories it was.