Rapid Fat Loss Using 60:2 Rule

by : Todd Scott

You've heard it before, if you want to drop stubborn stomach fat the most effective way possible is to time your meals 3-3.5 hours a part, and eat 5-6 tiny meals per day. But you can apply an advanced fat loss method for rapid fat loss.

I'll go ahead and assume that you are a fitness enthusiast that trains on at least a regularly consistent basis. If you want to truly supercharge your belly fat burning efforts, then you should not only cycle your food on a weekly basis, but you should {also|}}} apply the 60-2 principle at least twice per week.

The idea behind the 60-2 principle to burn stubborn fat is that 60% of your carbs should be consumed in only 2 of your daily meals, and the remaining 40% spread evenly throughout the day in the remainder of your meals.

These 2 meals that contain 60% of your daily carb intake will be breakfast and your post workout meal.

So over the course of 6 meals (assuming that your workout is just prior to Meal #5), your consumption should look something like this:

Meal 1 - 30% of daily carbs
Meal 2 - 10% of daily carbs
Meal 3 - 10% of daily carbs
Meal 4 - 10% of daily carbs
Meal 5 - 30% of daily carbs
Meal 6 - 10% of daily carbs

Meal 5 should be scheduled within 60 minutes after your workout. If you don't currently workout... OR if you workout in the morning, the 2nd meal containing 30% of your daily carbs should fall around Meal 4 or Meal 5, allowing for the lower carb meals to be consumed towards the end of the day to help burn stomach fat.

The distribution of the carbs this way allows your glycogen stores to be replenished during the 2 most important times of the day: 1) First thing in the morning 2) After your workout. It will be impossible for your body to store the carbs as fat during these 2 meal times, and will allow you to replenish your body and supercharge your metabolism to rapidly burn fat when you need it the most while still maintaining your blood sugar levels throughout the day.