Why Kettlebell Training is so Incredible for Fat Loss

by : Greg Brookes

In all my years as a personal trainer and fitness advisor I have never seen such an amazing piece of equipment as the Russian Kettlebell for fat loss. Not only are they incredibly effective for rapid weight loss but they are cheap to buy, require very little space and are fun to use. In fact, I have never come across a client that has told me they do not enjoy working out with kettlebells.

Here's the facts about kettlebell training and why they should be your number one choice for fat loss, no matter who you are:

1. You burn more fat in less time

Kettlebell training is different from conventional weight training because it focuses on the body's natural movements, these natural movements leave no muscles untouched. So rather than exercising just your arms, legs, or back, kettlebell training works the entire body as a complete unit.

This type of training is very demanding, imagine how much more oxygen and energy is required to fuel 600+ muscles rather than just 1 or 2! The consequences of this are phenomenal; you can get an incredible workout in just 20 minutes and burn huge amounts of fat compared with regular long drawn out exercise.

2. Increases your metabolism

Your body has evolved to function in certain movement patterns whether it's bending over to pick up a child or squatting down to sit into a chair. It is these exact movement patterns that Kettlebell training mimics and as you replicate these patterns your body will reward you by getting stronger and building muscle tone fast. I have never seen such quick gains in muscle tone than through kettlebell training.

Muscle tone is very important when it comes to fat loss because muscle is very metabolically active which means it constantly needs energy to maintain its size. The great news is that its favourite source of energy is body fat, so the more muscle tone you can develop the more fat you will burn, even at rest.

3. Burn calories even after exercise

The "Afterburn" or EPOC (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption) is another great reason why kettlebells are so effective for fat loss. Certain intensive exercise, like kettlebell training, that drives your body into the anaerobic zone with create "Afterburn" or EPOC.

Following a kettlebell session the body has to work hard to return itself back to equilibrium: re-oxygenation of tissues, clearance of lactic acid, glycogen refuelling etc. This process demands energy and this energy comes from, you guessed it, your fat stores. So unlike other forms of exercise you will actually be burning calories after your workout, and for up to 24 hours too.