Five Dollar Weight Loss Plan

by : Matt Shuebrook

How many times have you bought a diet book only to find out the meals inside the book are so expensive that you can? Only afford to diet for 2 days out of the week? With that being said I thought I'd take a little time today offering ideas for eating healthy on a tight budget. Sure it won't filet mignon every day but I promise you one thing. I will give you several healthy food combinations that you can use for losing weight.

There are really hundreds of healthy meal plans out there, many repeating themselves. Many that are just disgusting. So I'm just going to show you a few of my favorites that are really easy, cheap and healthy to eat. Of course this isn't an exhausted menu; it's just to open up your eyes to the possibility of eating healthy on a small budget.
1. A True Egg Breakfast- Whole eggs, diced red potatoes and a mix of cheddar and low-fat mozzarella cheese.

2. Matt's Veggie Cook-off- Cut up 2 peppers, half of a white onion and 1 clove of garlic. A trick to keep the nutrient content of the vegetable high is to cook it as fast as possible. What I prefer to do is get my cast iron pan red-hot and as then pour just a tiny bit of olive oil in there and immediately put the onions and garlic to avoid having the oil burn. After 1 minute add the peppers and let cook for less than 5 minutes. Optional addition to this would be to take a little bit of white chicken breast and cook that in the mix as well.

3. Healthy pizza- Whole wheat pita bread, pasta sauce, meat (optional), any vegetable you choose, and a variety of cheese. I will spread the sauce over the pita bread and then add the other ingredients on top and then throw it in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes.

4. Dominican Dinner- This one is unique. You need yellow plantains and meat. Boil the plantain with the skin still on it for about 15 minutes or so. As the plantain cooks you need to prepare the meat of your choice (finely chopped). Once the plantain cooks you will slice it open like a hot dog roll. Add the meat inside the cut and then eat!

5. Tuna- Enough said.

6. Smoothies that are cheap tasty and healthy. This is one of the most corrupted weight loss foods that I know of. Many store-bought smoothies have enough added sugar in them to feed a nation of cockroaches. You do not need to add 20 table spoons of sugar to make it taste good. You can simply add your fruits (banana, apple, strawberries, etc) 1% milk, a spoonful of either peanut butter or nutella, ice and Whey protein powder (vanilla and or chocolate.

See those foods aren't nasty at all. They are very cheap and easy to make. and best of all they all have protein, veggies and are low in unneeded calories. Hopefully you make good use of these and lose a few pounds of fat over the next few weeks.

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God Bless,

Matt Shuebrook