Tennis Action All Around The World

by : Jim Brown

As a game that is thoroughly enjoyed by people of all ages, tennis is also enjoyed by people all over the world. A very competitive and fast paced game, tennis requires good coordination skills and the ability to run after a tennis ball for any length of time. This marvelous game can be played by two people but is well suited for doubles matches that will include two teams for a total of four people.

People engage in a game of tennis by using a specially coated court that has a net stretched across it at the center. Players are tasked to serve a rubber tennis ball while standing on the serving line on their side of the net. The tennis ball must go over the net and into the opponent's court area that is diagonally situated across the net. The serve will have to redone if the ball comes in contact with the net during the serve or fails to land on the appropriate side of the opponents court.

The tennis serve is probably the most difficult to make and will require the player to develop great strength in their serving arm. It will also require the tennis player to develop fast reflexes because the opponent will be ready to react just as fast and will quickly return the tennis ball back over the net to their opponent. To make the serves and returns, tennis players use tennis racquets to hit every serve.

As the game progresses, this competitive sport is scored on the number of balls returned during the course of play. Every ball that is missed will mean that a point is awarded to the opposing team. The scoring numbers are low in tennis and only four points are necessary to win a game, but those four points will be good if the other team is two points ahead. If not, the tennis game will continue until a team is two points ahead of the other.

People play tennis to have fun and to be able to relax a while but tennis is also a sport that is very competitive and is played by people all over the world. Tennis is a sport that is competitive enough to be included as an Olympic Games event and many people have made a successful living from playing the game of tennis. Throughout the year there are various tennis championships and the most popular ones are those played at the Grand Slam Tournaments or at Wimbledon.