Your Health

by : Sergios Charntikov

How are you? Are you OK? Do you feel all right? These are the simple questions that could be asked in order to determine basic health condition of a person. The lowest level of a good health could be maintained by prevention of simple chronic diseases (like ) and muscle-skeletal injuries. Basic advice is to stay away from sicknesses of any kind, especially the one that are the chronic one and could be prevented, plus it is nice if you don’t break your bones and pull your muscles every other week. In order to step higher from basic level you need to consider your spiritual well-being. Spiritual condition can be affected by many factors like problems at work/school, conflicts with family/peers, low self esteem, depression, dissatisfaction of surrounding conditions or simply dissatisfaction with your own body. All these factors can ruin your spiritual well-being and affect your health. So the question is – How do you deal with all these problems and how do you improve your health and spirit? The answer is waiting for you just few lines down, so please pay attention.

To be healthy person you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Food you eat

  • Amount of food you eat

  • supplements you take

  • Drugs you take

  • Air you breathe

  • How active you are

Forget about that burger! Forget about cookies, cake, condensed soup, packaged meals, iceberg lettuce, ice cream, whole milk, bacon, sausages, chips, and all the other junk. Just think about it… our body was designed long, really long time ago before people started experiment with all sorts of preservatives and artificial components, which means that it specifically designed for processing and drawing maximum benefits from whole foods that grow on the planet. Think, and act appropriately… You’ve got life x 1.