Motocross Mental Training

by : Groshan Fabiola

Motocross is without doubt one of the most popular forms of motorcycling worldwide. There is little wonder why motocross attracts so many racers and spectators. It is an exciting sport to watch and a very challenging one to practice. What most people do not know is that motocross is a very demanding sport. Most of us would find it very difficult to walk across the courses that motocross racers have to ride their bikes on. Furthermore, endurance and strength are of essence in motocross, for spins, turns, high-speed landings and the ability to control and maneuver the bike at maximum speed are a lot more demanding than they seem.

Regular practice and experience in motocross racing are very important aspects. However, it takes a lot more than just practicing on the race course and gaining experience in competitions in order for motocross racers to finish the race in the top spot and do so race after race. In fact, specialists have demonstrated that optimal results can only be obtained constantly if racers undergo a well-structured training program. According to these specialists, motocross training should consist of four distinct areas, namely practice, physical exercise, a balanced diet and motocross mental training.

Mental training is a key factor in any sport where everyone competes individually against the others, and motocross is no exception. While it is highly recommended that all motocross racers practice and exercise their muscles in order to gain that endurance and strength mentioned earlier, alongside with the strict and balanced diet that would help fuel the body and help it achieve maximum performance, motocross psychology should definitely not be overlooked. Being physically talented, training longer and harder than any other racer, or buying the best equipment may help, just as they might be useless if you fail to acknowledge the importance of motocross mental training as an essential part of your training program. Motocross psychology aims at (and it often succeeds) assisting you in the process of gaining some of the most important mental skills in motocross racing, namely composure, confidence and focus. Confidence can be easily undermined, not to mention how the fear of failure can affect a motocross racer and cause him to lose focus. Obtaining top performance and reaching your peak potential is difficult if you lose self-confidence. You might get off to a very good start and fail to finish the race in the top spot because of the lack of proper training. But if lack of self-confidence, doubts and distractions are the reason why you perform poorly, then you should definitely consider motocross mental training. Physically speaking, any day can be your worst day, although that too can be overcome with the help of a well-devised training program. But it would be a total shame to let anxiety, fear of failure and doubts cloud your success.

Performing your absolute best in a competition is no longer just a matter of practice and experience. Constant practice and exercise, coupled with a balanced diet can do wonders for your performance. In addition, motocross mental training and psychology will help boost your mental power, so that you be able to reach your top potential. Fear of failure, doubts, high expectations and anxiety are all part of our human nature, and for many racers, it takes more than just self-determination to overcome these aspects that undermine potential and performance. This is why motocross psychology plays such an important part in motocross training.

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