6 Important Stretching Exercises For Basketball Players

by : Bill Parsons

Before you begin playing basketball it is really important to stretch. You should stretch all the major muscle groups that you will be using when playing or practicing. Stretching is very beneficial to your body and helps protect you from injury.

Stretching helps to increase the range of motion in your joints and aids in flexibility. When you stretch, each move should be slow and focused. You should never force a stretch or bounce during a stretch.

The following 6 stretching exercises should be done after a quick warm up before you playa game or begin practice.

Stretch 1 - Hamstring

The hamstring is located on the back of the upper thigh. Stretching this muscle is important to help you run, jump and move properly.

To do this move, sit cross legged on the floor and straighten one leg out keeping the other leg bent. Lean forward and feel the stretch. Repeat on the other leg.

Stretch 2 - Back

Your back is also an essential muscle to stretch to allow you to move properly.

To do this move lie on your back with your legs flat on the floor. Hold your right leg at the knee and slowly bring to your chest, keeping the other leg straight. Feel the stretch, lower the leg and repeat with the other leg.

Stretch 3 - Calf

Your calf is important to stretch to help protect your shin as well.

To do this move you will need to lean against a wall with your forearms. Put your head on your hands and bring one knee towards the wall, keeping the other leg straight and the foot on the floor. Repeat with the other leg.

Stretch 4 - Groin

Groin stretches help protect you against some very painful strains.

To do this move sit on the floor with bottoms of feet together. Push your legs to the floor and feel the stretch.

Stretch 5 - Shoulder

Your arms get a big workout during playing basketball. You have to stretch them carefully.

To stretch your arms put one arm behind your head touching the back of your shoulder. Use your other arm to push the bent arm down and stretch. Repeat with the other arm.
Another stretch to try involves taking both arms behind your back, clasping your hands together and pulling out slightly from your body.

Stretch 6 - Arms

You want to limber up your arms. This is not really a stretch in the way the others were, but you want to just circle your arms at your sides in both directions to help loosen them up and warm up the muscles. You can scissor them in front of your body as well.

These 6 stretches will help you to loosen up your joints and warm up your muscles so you are limber and ready to play. You should never skip stretching before playing or practicing. With proper stretching you will see you are more flexible and have the ability to move easier with fewer injuries.

After stretching, get to work on your game and work hard all the time. That is how great players are made.