A Guide To Cleaning Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

by : flashni

An advantage with RGP lenses is that they require little maintenance; all you need to know is the correct cleaning methods for gas permeable contact lenses and you're done. But a lot of people are still foggy about the right cleaning methods and how often to polish gas permeable contact lenses.

Whether you use soft lenses or gas permeable contact lenses, cleaning contact lenses is a must. Gas permeable contact lenses don't ask for much except proper cleaning methods to keep your lenses clean, maintain good eye health and stay away from infection. Here is a guide to cleaning gas permeable lenses.

Here's the 'How To'

All cleaning methods for gas permeable contact lenses start with clean hands. Dirty hands can transfer harmful bacteria to your lenses, cleaner or the case and defeat your purpose of cleaning contact lenses altogether.

For cleaning gas permeable lenses rub lightly with a cleaner using your index finger and soak overnight in a clean case. In case you were wondering, 'daily' is how often you should be cleaning gas permeable lenses.

Other than this, you also need to polish contact lenses to get rid of any scratches to which gas permeable contact lenses are quite prone. For cleaner, deposit free lenses it is also important to use enzymatic tablets.

How often you should polish contact lenses and use enzymatic cleaner is a question best answered by your eye-doctor. He can prescribe how often to polish contact lenses on the basis of your usage pattern and your ability to handle RGPs.

Cleaning contact lenses is an important part of wearing contact lenses and the prescribed cleaning regimen must be adhered to religiously. It is also imperative that you use the correct cleaning methods for cleaning contact lenses. This way you get clean lenses, infection free eyes and a great vision experience.