Some Things To Consider When Buying Shoes

by : teahupoo

Children can be very hard on shoes and they tend to wear them out much more quickly than the rest of the population. As a parent it is our duty to constantly monitor our children's shoes and inspect them for uneven wear, stressed seams, holes in the soles, etc.

One sure sign that the child's shoes do not fit properly is bulging out from the sides and toes curving upwards. If you discover worn out toes or heels then you know you definitely need to buy new shoes.

We have assembled some tips to help you when shopping for shoes for your child; hopefully this will help you with your mission.

The first thing you need to do is always shop for shoes in the afternoon or evening because feet swell during the day and the shoes will fit differently in the afternoon than in the morning.

Always have your children's feet measured each time you buy shoes. The child's feet should be measured while standing and you should always have both feet measured since one foot will usually be larger than the other. Always buy shoes to accommodate the larger foot.

When fitting the shoe to your child leave approximately a half inch of clearance between the end of the shoe and the edge of your child's toes. At the same time do not buy shoes that are more than one size too large for your child. Buying shoes that are too big can cause your child's foot to slip within the shoe and make them trip. Also, be sure that the heel of the shoe rests comfortably around the back of the foot while at the same time, not too tight.

The shoes you are buying for the child should feel good and fit properly now. Don't buy the shoes with the thought that they will feel better once they get broken in.

You should buy shoes for children that have laces so that they can be adjusted and tightened properly. Also, buy children's shoes from breathable materials such as canvas to help alleviate odor and promote comfort.

You should buy shoes for children with flat bottoms and sturdy, flexible soles with a patterned grip to prevent slipping.

By following the guidelines above you will have a much more enjoyable experience shopping for your child.