How To Choose The Lingerie Colors That Will Make You Sizzle

by : teahupoo

You've had your eye on the perfect little nightgown and panty set or the full out cabaret inspired corset that you are sure will drive him wild. You've broken out the tailor's measure and taken all your measurements. You've made all the calls to the specialty boutiques and know exactly which roads to take to go to get it. In a word, you're set, but wait!

Have you thought about which color you should get it in? Color choice either makes an outfit explode like a firecracker or it makes it fizzle like a dud. Sure, you could always just buy black and white, but that would lead to a pretty boring collection of lingerie after a while. After all, who eats only chocolate and vanilla ice cream when you can mix it up with flavors like cookies and cream or rocky road?

When you are going to choose a color for lingerie, you need to work with what you have. Consider your hair, eyes, and skin. You will want to build off of these, either contrasting or accentuating, to make yourself look positively dynamite. Play your cards right and you could bring down buildings.

Start by thinking about your hair. Are you a blonde? A brunette? Blondes will be best complemented by soft, light colors, like the pastels. These work with and do not drown out their natural hair color. If you go too dark, you can even draw attention away from your face, which will make you less sexy. For brunettes, stronger colors work better. Earth tones and vibrant prints can make a dark haired woman sizzle. Redheads should go with colors that have a bit of spark to them, like red, vibrant blues, and lively greens. Remember, you are trying to accentuate your attributes, not hide them. It is that special something about you that makes you sexy, not the lingerie. Lingerie is about bringing your inner sexiness to the surface.

Now, move on to your eyes. The color of your eyes can be the determining factor in deciding on lingerie color. In general, ladies with blue eyes can choose a shade of blue from the most light to the most dark. Given the range of the color blue, you should see how wide a range you have!

Also try out brown or a mixture of browns and blues, which can also complement your eyes. Women with green eyes can, following the same logic, use anything that is green. But also some reds, or floral prints that have mixtures of reds and greens can be very pleasing on a green eyed lady. People with hazel eyes are lucky; they can use all earth tones, greens, and blues. When you are choosing your lingerie, think about emphasizing your eyes, because they are one of your sexiest assets.

Finally, think about your skin tone. You don't want to choose a lingerie color that will overpower your natural skin color, nor do you want to choose one that will blend in with you. Fair complexioned women are advised to stick to pastels and powder colors, unless you are matching your hair or eye color, which can create an air of effervescent beauty. Women have a more mid range skin color can choose stronger colors, but, as always, use your hair and eye color as a guide. Women who have dark skin have a wide selection of options available to them. Light colors will offer a stark contrast and make you skin stand out, which can be quite alluring. Ladies with darker skin can also use darker colors if they like. For a more exotic twist, try a daring pattern that will wow him!

To pick that killer lingerie, you've got to work with your natural assets, the twinkle in your eye, the flick of your hair, and the luster of your skin. Work your magic just right, and who knows what you can accomplish.