Why Bowling Shoes are Necessary

by : teahupoo

There are shoes specially made for every situation you can think of. Sports are no different. Basketball calls for basketball shoes. Soccer calls for soccer shoes. Football has its own shoes. There are golf shoes, yachting shoes, skateboarding shoes, ballet shoes, etc. Bowling, of course, is no exception. Anyone who's ever gone bowling has an image in their mind of what bowling shoes are all about. They figure they're ugly and slippery.

Well, bowlers know there's more to it than that. Most of the negative sentiment towards bowling shoes is due to the fact that most people experience only the relative discomfort of tired old rental shoes from the local bowling alley. If you're going to be bowling more than once in a blue moon, it behooves you to invest in your own pair of bowling shoes.

First of all, bowling shoes do not have to be ridiculous multi-colored affairs which induce seizures just from looking at them. They're available in a number of styles and colors just like any other athletic shoe. For those of you who love those classic ugly rentals, fear not, for those are readily available as well. As with other types of shoes, bowling shoes run the gamut when it comes to prices. You can spend $30 or you can spend $200. It's all a matter of how much you're willing to spend. While most bowling shoes are designed in a relatively formal style which most of us are familiar with, there are now plenty of bowling shoes which closely resemble conventional athletic shoes or sneakers.

The bowling shoes which resemble conventional athletic shoes are known, quite logically, as athletic bowling shoes. These are made for the beginning to casual bowler. They feature sliding soles on both shoes. The other type of bowling shoes are known as performance bowling shoes. These are the kind dedicated bowlers and professionals wear. Few people realize this, but pro bowlers wear shoes with one sliding sole and one non-slip sole.

When choosing performance bowling shoes, remember that the sliding sole goes on the shoe opposite of which hand you use. Therefore, a right-handed bowler is going to want the sliding shoe to be the one on their left foot. There's a third option, which is performance bowling shoes with interchangeable soles. This allows the nuanced expert to adjust the degree of slide and change materials for different surface characteristics. You might think that all bowling lanes are the same but the dedicated bowler will tell you otherwise.

As with any other sport, your choice of equipment is key to your success. After choosing your ball, the next most important thing you'll do is choosing your shoes. There are some excellent sites online to learn more about bowling shoes, and there are plenty of retail outlets doing business on the web. Online retailers expand the number of options you have when shopping for bowling shoes, and they provide convenience.