Prepaid Wireless Cellular Phone Service Makes Good Cents

by : seeley

In this day and age of instant communications, it seems almost no one goes without a cellular phone. But what about those who can't meet credit requirements, or those who don't want to deal with surprise last- minute fees when the bill hits? Is prepaid wireless cellular phone service a viable option?

You bet!

Keep in mind though, prepaid service comes with its advantages and disadvantages over traditional cell phone service. Both services, however, can and do provide phone users the emergency protection many so desire. They make it easy to call for help when you've had a flat tire on the freeway, to enlist aid in picking up kids when you're running late or simply staying in touch with friends and family while you're away from home. Why go without the ability for instant communication in the time of an emergency if you don't have to?

Here are some of the most common advantages of prepaid cellular phone service:

? No contract means there's no long-term commitment and you're not stuck with a single type of service for a year or more. ? Monthly bills don't flood your mail box. Since you've paid in advance, you just have to worry about the running tally. That's a lot better than a giant bill waiting at the end of the month.

? Helps you stay within budget. If you can only afford $30 a month for phone service, you won't spend more.

? Hidden fees are not present. Paying upfront stops unexpected charges on the back end.

? Credit checks aren't necessary. This enables anyone with the cash to be able to have a phone when it's needed.

? Security deposits aren't required.

? Ease of adding to the plan. Prepaid phones can have their balances added to at any time, giving you as many minutes as you might need.

? Perfect for children who might need a phone for checking in, but those who would spend way too much on an unlimited plan.

Prepaid cellular phone service is a great route to go for many, but there are some disadvantages.

Considering the pros, however, these are pretty miniscule for those who benefit from the freedom prepaid has to offer.

? Per minute charges are generally a bit higher, but for those who want a phone for emergency situations or just occasional conversations, the cost is not a huge issue.

? Most prepaid services won't allow collect or third-party billed calls.

Considering the advantages, it's easy to see why so many are turning to prepaid phone service to handle their cellular needs. These phones are perfect for those who want tight budget controls, have troublesome credit, those who won't use their phones often, for children and even for those who will only use them in an emergency. There's no need to go without with prepaid service available.

There's no reason to go without a cellular phone thanks to the benefits of prepaid cellular service.