The Boon of Timely Alerts

by : ajeetKhurana

A timely reminder just when we need it is a great blessing. We invest in planners. We make notes on our mobile phones. We stick post-its on our refrigerators. We never know when we might forget a deadline. It is best to be prepared in case this does happen. Of course, reminders are not merely limited to our personal lives. At work also, we need reminders about a variety of things. Moreover, we may also need to remind the people in our offices - our colleagues, subordinates, and superiors. And communicating personally with each individual is often rather impracticable.

Thus, on the work front at least, it would be beneficial to subscribe to some email reminder service. This is certainly a great way of communicating with a large number of people. Reminders sent via email are a great way to jog the memories of the people you work with. As it is we cannot imagine working without the Internet no matter what one's field of work may be. Hence, most people find themselves trekking to their inboxes several times each day. Thus, an email reminder is a sure-fire way of making sure that your workmates are aware of when the next conference is.

However, if one is looking to send off a very urgent piece of news, using a text messaging service will send off a greater sense of urgency. Email reminders are read only when the person concerned decides to check his mail. However, a text message sent on a mobile phone immediately informs the phone owner of its arrival. Most of us don't go anywhere without our mobile phones. They carry them around practically everywhere. Hence, an SMS messaging service might be quite a good option when it comes to sending out urgent messages and wanting immediate response.

Reminding people about dates and deadlines is not too tough these days. The fast pace of modern life has led to the need for instant communication at all times. As a result, most corporate organizations are becoming aware of the need to subscribe to a reliable email reminder service or an efficient SMS messaging service. While the former is a good choice for communicating with people who are mostly seated at their computers, the latter is the best option for reminding people who are constantly on the go. A text message service should prove a little dearer than an email reminder service. However, it provides the advantage of instantly informing the person concerned. After all, a reminder that is late has no value at all.