Consider Giving Fruit Basket Gifts This Season

by : teahupoo

Everyone has had been in a situation where they in a state of confusion over what would be a befitting present. "Why not try this" and "No, that's not good enough", "they'll think it's dumb" scenarios are a regular experience for most. And especially at festive periods, the dilemma often increases. No one likes presenting the same type of gifts over and over. It simply shows thoughtlessness. That is unless a particular item has a special significance for which a continuous repeat is part of the gift.

Now back to the issue at hand. What do you do to add the element of surprise to this particular presentation? What can you do to make your gift stand out? What can you do to make the memory of this presentation linger for a long time?

The answer is very simple. Give something unexpected. Give something that's uncommon. Give something that shows how thoughtful you are. Give something that you made. Do something that will be visible for a reasonable time. Give something that will add some value no matter how little.

So what fits all the conditions? A gift basket of course! To make this point let's assume you want to give a gift to someone who is convalescing (which is fancy word for recovering from sickness). Everyone will most likely give a "Get Well Soon" card. There will also be flowers aplenty. But imagine what will happen when a basket arrives.

Now you made this basket yourself especially for this person. That means you care so much that you spent the time to make something for this loved one you didn't just pick something off the shelf. Making a gift basket involves more of your personal time and your loved one will know that you put that time into their gift.

Then, imagine you painted the basket in their favorite color and placed their favorite fruits in it. Wow! There are certainly a few ailments where a patient will be advised not to take fruits. I'm already touched by my thoughtfulness, aren't you? I can see someone crying in appreciation. Then they take out the fruits and there is embroidery of your "Get Well Soon" message on the basket's lining. Now the tears flow freely and, oh my, your rating flies through the roof on their love scale. This basket suddenly becomes a sacred object. And like all sacred objects, it is kept away. You'll be reminded of it perhaps years down the line. These types of gifts are kept in special places.

Welcome back, it was just an article. However, the lessons here should help you decide when next you want to give that very special gift.