Your Creative Guide To Personalized Baby Gifts

by : lynter

Personalized baby gifts can be a great way to welcome home a newborn. Since each baby is unique and special, their gifts should be just as unique and special. At times, shopping for a baby gift can be very impersonal. Often, we buy the same type of gift, time and time again. However, a personalized baby gift, with the newborn in mind, is a better way to go. When you choose a personalized baby gift, you are creating a memory that will last forever

The first step in buying a personalized baby gift is to consider the baby. Generally, boy gifts are quite different from girl gifts. Consider tailoring a gender specific gift, designed with the new baby in mind. If the family is into baseball, a great gift for a boy would be a baseball picture frame. In order to make it a more personalized baby gift, add the child's name to the frame. If choosing the perfect gift for a baby girl, consider a stuffed animal, with the child's name embroidered on it.

Next, consider the parents. Are they parents that are into more natural and organic things, or perhaps they are the trendy parents, into the latest styles. You will want to try and find a gift that reflects their personality as well.

One of the latest trends in baby gifts is babyography. Babyography can make an excellent personalized baby gift. It is a scroll that contains facts about the baby, such as their height and weight during birth, time of birth, and date of birth. It also includes historical events that happened on that day, the child's birthstone and flower, famous people who share the same birthday as well as a time capsule of current headlines, events, movies and much more. This makes a great keepsake.

Another great personalized baby gift is a photo growth chart. A growth chart will allow the parents to keep track of just how fast their new baby is growing. They will be able to look back on it, and see how tiny their baby once was.

There are so many personalized baby gifts on the market today; it will be difficult to choose just one. Just about any gift, can be customized, and personalized, for the new bundle of joy.

When purchasing a personalized baby gift, make sure you have all of the correct information. You will want to make sure that you spell the baby's name correctly. And if you are adding the birth date, or weight and length, you will also want to make sure you have all of that right.

Websites such as, and offer thousands of baby gifts and babyography. These sites are just a few of the top sites today that offer alternative choices in baby gifts.


Babies are wonderful gifts in themselves. When they are brought into the world, they should be spoiled. Personalized baby gifts are a thoughtful way to show you care and can turn any baby into royalty.