Free Cell Phone OffersA Win-Win Situation?

by : Syd Johnson

You can find a long list of free cell phone offers on the web by doing some online research. A few of minutes of research can help you save time and money. These free cell phone offers are a great way to:

  1. Get more phone on a budget.

  2. Upgrade your phone and get a better brand

  3. Add more features and capabilities

  4. Put the extra money saved towards your monthly plan.

  5. Keep the extra cash and don’t spend it at all

  6. Get a flip phone with better voice quality

Best of all, these free offers are a win-win for you and the cell phone companies. You get an awesome phone, and they'll get a customer for another year or two. So, with all the offers on the web, one has to wonder:

Are they really free? Yes, but, only if you sign up for a new plan when you purchase your phone.

Here's our quick guide to getting the best free cell phone deals online.

Select your features

Write down a list of the top 5 features that you need in a cell phone. If you plan to use it as your primary phone increase your list to 10 features that you need. Include everything from background color, text messaging capabilities, phone size, brand, internet ready and other features.

Size matters

Any cell phone carrier out there can impress you with a phone the size of your credit card. However, when it comes to dialing, you cannot adjust the size of your hand and your fingers. The perfect phone for your pocket or purse might not be the perfect phone when you try to use it.

Surf the web for options

A quick search on any major search engine will reveal a list of retailers eager to offer free cell phones with a service plan. Surf around, look at the options, and offers, and select a free cell phone that meets all of your needs.

Offer must be in your area

Make sure your online retailer offers the option to search by zip code. Cell phone offers vary according to your geographic region. You don't want to find out after you fill out all your information that an offer is not available in your area. This type of basic search feature is a must for any online retailer who wants to offer great cell phones to their customers.

Pick a Plan

Some sites offer a comparison chart where you can match up free cell phones with different service plans from all the major retailers. This is a great way to make sure your phone will work with your plan. And, again, you can save time and money

Rebate Offers

Does your phone include a rebate option? Here’s how to take advantage of the rebate without getting ripped off.

  1. Read all the information online (and in your emails)

  2. Keep track of rebate numbers, urls and paperwork.

  3. Remember, a rebate only works when you turn in your paperwork. You must send in your rebate info, exactly as described by retailer to benefit from the offer.

  4. If an offer looks too go to be true, or involves too much work, move on to another one.

However, don't overlook a great money saving option because it requires a few minutes to fill out a form. The savings on a high end phone can easily be half the cost of an annual contract.

You have many choices when it comes to free cell phone offers on the web. Make a list of your needs and do some research. This is the fastest way to save time and money. Once you have your phone, you can select a plan and you're mobile!