How to Grow Bonsai Trees the Easy Way

by : mauricetate

Growing bonsai trees is easier than you think and is a rewarding and absorbing hobby. Bonsai was first developed in China over 700 years ago and then adapted by the Japanese.

Bonsai growth can occur naturally if a seed grows in a very small packet of soil. This restricts the root growth and thus caused dwarfing of the plant.

Many think that bonsai growing is difficult but this is not so if you follow some general principles. Most bonsai trees are very hardy and can live for hundreds of years if care is taken. In fact, some bonsai trees last longer as a bonsai plant than in nature.

The general principle of bonsai is to restrict growth of the bonsai tree to a minimum by root pruning and top and tip pruning. Another aspect is to use a small container and this restricts root growth. The main principle is to do root pruning and tip pruning every few years for an advanced plant. This avoids the bonsai plant becoming root bound and dying.

One can also achieve a advanced bonsai plant by some tricks. One can select advanced pants that can be reduced to the bonsai form with small proportions. The best time to do this is in late winter and spring and to wait before new growth occurs.

There are several classical forms of bonsai. The first is formal upright. This has an trunk which is erect and has evening spaces branches. The truck is in the middle of the pot. The second form is informal upright with gentle twists to the trunk. Slanting is where the trunk slants over to one side. Another form is cascading where the branches go deeper than the container. One needs the plant on a stand for this form.

To achieve these forms, after root pruning one uses copper wire or some soft similar wire to hold the branches in the correct form. One wraps the wire around the trunk and then out the branches in question. One needs to take care not to make excessive bends as this can break the branch. One can also hold the wire down by fishing line and one can also use stakes to hold the branches up to the correct placement.

Bonsai ned a very good light or sunlight and are best grown outdoors to keep the plants healthy. Some plants need protection from the hot summer sun in a tropical area. Water the pots when the soil drys out on the surface.

Bonsai tree growing is very rewarding and easy so why not give it a try. There are many bonsai nurseries that sell advanced trees as well as the growing pots, wire and other supplies. All bonsai nurseries offer good advice and tips for free.