Improving Your Self Confidence

by : rene1

Low self confidence is one of the biggest and most common personality problem. While self confident people make their decisions freely and are excellent in decision-making, those who lack do not trust in themselves. This in turn causes such person to be constantly second guessing themselves. Oftentimes they are unable even to make even the simplest decisions everything is problematic, everything needs to be put away for a time... The results of low self confidence might truly catastrophic.

If you are now slipping into a trap created by your low self confidence, don't despair... there's still some hope for you yet! The way out of the pit is surprisingly simple (though not easy): change your future instead of thinking over and over again about the past. However the details of learning how to do that are a little more complicated.

The first thing you have to do to get out of the low self esteem trap is actually seeking out and attending the helpful sessions lead by specially prepared counselor. Oftentimes you enter the sessions as a self-doubting (if not self-loathing) and passive individual. When they end, you often learn that now you're having of hope and a healthy doze of optimism along with trusting your own judgments. A tip: before you enter counseling services, check for any potential obstacles in your current life. Such people as your spouse, family member, friend, or co-worker may have lowered your self confidence (even unintentionally) may have been able to destroy your self confidence.

Perhaps the low self-confidence was caused by something you have experienced in your childhood or you will have to break the cycle imposed upon you by your parents and/or guardians. Another common reason of low self-confidence is a difficult or stressful situation at your job. Whatever the case, you should start preparing yourself to begin a new life and rebuild your psyche. And for a start, even the smallest changes and tiniest victories will help you in this process.

When you have decided on seeking out counseling, check all interesting options. As usual, the World Wide Web is a great source of information about both the counseling spots nearby and the general information on how the counselling looks like. In case you feel that entering live counseling will be too difficult right now, you can also use the Internet as a way of meeting and discussing with some online counsellor. The online community of those people who rebuild their self confidence is very strong, there are lots of websites, forums and chats dealing with low self confidence. If you are worried about others finding out your private information, just login anonymously, something you'd naver had a chance to do in live counselling sessions. This is especially important if you keep up a strong confident facade and you do not want to lose it.

However, despite the coming of the Internet, traditional counseling is still the fastest and most effective method of rebuilding the self confidence and self-esteem. The reasons for joining such group often varies: you might be interested in joining a support group mostly to find others that know exactly how you feel as well as you just know you need some advice from a professional.

Those who find themselves too ashamed or shy to become a member of support group might want to start another type of counseling immediately. The best option is to start from a private counseling first, then graduating on to group counseling (private counseling tend to be much more expensive).

Remember that seriousness and determination is what counts most. If only you are able to keep a positive attitude and do something to achieve your goals, your self confidence will grow surprisingly fast.