Your Water Garden Oasis

by : languagemaster

A water garden can provide you with a level of relaxation and calm that you may never have even dreamed was possible. Adding a water garden to your backyard can transform your property's outdoor space from a run of the mill lawn to a transporting, beautiful place that makes you feel instantly peaceful and tranquil.

One reason why a water garden creates such a calming atmosphere is due to the effects of the gentle noise of bubbling, flowing water. Water creates what is known as white noise, a calming atmosphere of sound that some experts believe is reminiscent of the sounds heard in the safety of the womb. White noise has been shown to reduce stress and tension, and regular exposure to environments rich with white noise, such as a water garden, may help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. The sound of water helps to block out other, less pleasant ambient sounds like traffic or the activity of noisy neighbors. The white noise of a water garden can create an atmosphere that makes you feel as though you are millions of miles away from your daily life, in a place of safety and calm that nothing can intrude into.

Another reason for the powerfully positive effect that a water garden has on the attitude of anyone sitting nearby is that a water garden has a tangible effect on climate and temperature. The evaporation process that is a natural part of any water garden disperses water molecules through the air surrounding the garden. The humidity of the air around your water garden is great for your skin, and its gentle, dewy moisture can help you feel refreshed after even a long and hectic day. In addition, a pond, waterfall, or other water garden feature provides subtle climate control, creating a very pleasant area around your water garden where temperatures are milder and more comfortable than elsewhere in your yard. During even the hottest summer day, your water garden will provide a comfortably cool spot where you can relax.

Because it is easier to maintain than most landscaping options, a water garden will leave you free to enjoy its beauty without worrying about devoting hours to its care. A water garden can help you make pleasant, soothing relaxation a viable part of your daily schedule. When you stroll into your backyard to enjoy your water garden, you are telling the world that you are ready to relax and unplug. By building your own water garden, you can enjoy the beautiful sight, soothing sounds, and comfortable climate that a water garden provides on a daily basis. Having a personal sanctuary in your own backyard is invaluable because it gives you a chance to unwind completely without having to do anything more than step out your door.