Eat-Out Choice At Home

by : News Canada

(NC)—If your family craves restaurant variety, but your budget says eat in, there is a compromise. Enlist a little family cooperation and everyone can enjoy a different meal without causing short-order chaos in your kitchen.

The first step to creating Chez Roadhouse at home is for everyone to agree on one easy-to-prepare protein choice as the basis for their menu selection. Practically everyone loves versatile chicken and you can build so many entrées around it.

To make it easy, start with new Schneiders Quick Serve Chicken Fillets or Chicken Breasts. Remove the number of frozen breaded or grilled chicken pieces you need from the re-sealable bag. While the fully cooked chicken pieces are reheating in the microwave assign tasks to everyone.

Little ones can dish out jarred dipping sauce into individual bowls; older children can rinse bagged lettuce, and a teen project might be to boil some pasta. Set dad to work chopping green peppers, onions and tomatoes for the salad and for grilling in oil, garlic and pepper flakes. While everyone is busy, warm pita bread in the oven.

By the time each family member has completed a task, the chicken will be heated through. Now each person can sit down to his or her favourite meal – Chicken Fingers for the little ones to dip, Pasta with Diced Chicken and Tomatoes for hungry teens, a warm Chicken Salad for mom and Chicken Fajitas for dad.

This exercise in shared meal preparation will probably take less time than bundling everyone into the van and driving to a restaurant – it should be lots more fun!

- News Canada