Tips When Buying an Air Conditioner

by : rsbombard

Although air conditioners have been around from the early years of the last century, the industry has been witnessing a tremendous growth in the past few years. This sudden interest among customers have led to new products being developed and marketed by all the brands big or small. This flood of new models has made it difficult for many customers to choose the right unit for their needs.

The problem is further complicated by different sales persons promoting their products in different ways. There are those who claim that air conditioners can replace your need for dehumidifiers. It is a fact that air conditioners do control the humidity of the air. But it is equally true that air conditioners can in no way be compared to dehumidifiers. The primary task of an air conditioner is to regulate the temperature of an enclosed space, be it a room or an entire building. That it dehumidifies is an additional benefit. But it is not a replacement for a dehumidifier.

First of all, the freestanding air conditioner is the easiest to install. In fact there is hardly anything to install. You only have to plug it in and it is ready to start working. But with window air conditioners, and more so with central air conditioners, you need to go through a lot of installation work. This does not only mean that you have to put up with a considerable amount of hassle, but you also got to spend a significant sum of money to get the units installed. There are no such costs with a freestanding air conditioner.

Then there are those who claim that air conditioner can be a good replacement for an air purifier. Again such claims are highly exaggerated. Of course most air conditioners do come with a filter but the kind of filtration an air conditioner provides is in no way comparable to the filtration provided by an air purifier with a HEPA filter. So if someone has severe allergic or asthma problems, installing an air condition would not be good enough.

What however is important about air conditioners is hardly stressed on by the average sales person. They would seldom talk about the energy efficiency of the air conditioner though that is an important deciding factor. The energy efficiency of your air conditioner would decide how much your running costs you will need to bear. And since by choosing the proper air conditioner you can save up to 40% of your electricity bills, the efficiency of your air conditioner is very important.

The other thing that is important is the capacity of air conditioner you need. The capacity you will need in your unit would depend on the room you want to install it in. all you got to know is the floor area of the room and quoting that figure would help the air conditioner contractor to guide you on what capacity of air conditioner you need.