Hire an Air Conditioner for Temporary Use

by : rsbombard

It is difficult to imagine going through a hot, summer day without the comfort of an air conditioner. However, to cut down on the cost we choose to air condition only those rooms which are used more frequently. We might even go for the split air conditioners so that we can drag it to the room we want to be air conditioned. But there are events, when we simply can't do without air conditioning all over.

Suppose, you are having a wedding at your place and there will be a lot of guests coming down. Then you would need to air condition all your rooms as your whole house would be practically filled. You can also have a meeting room in your office which you don't think deserves an investment on an air conditioner as you hardly entertain visitors. But there are times when someone will come and you have to make him feel comfortable because of your business interests. Then you will be required to install an air conditioner in the meeting room.

Temporary installation of air conditioners are also required during the high school or college functions. You surely wouldn't be investing in buying new air conditioners for these events. There are numerous air conditioner rental companies who lease out air conditioners according to your needs. You can hire them for long or short periods and you can even decide on what capacity air conditioner you will require. Generally the fees are paid in monthly installments, but you can also arrange for daily installments.

The high velocity air conditioners do have their own pros and cons. While there are a few advantages over the conventional forced air system, there are definitely a few drawbacks. The obvious advantage is that in high velocity air conditioners since the air is forced out at a much higher speed there are no hot spots that remain in the room. With the conventional air flow system, since the air moves much slowly there are dead spaces in the rooms if you do not have the vents positions in the absolutely proper places.

If you need an air conditioner contact the rental service well in advance, especially if you will be needing the air conditioner during the summer months. The demands are high, and the rental services may run out of units. Once you contact them they send over an expert to your place so that he can assess the room and recommend the right kind of air conditioner for it. Once both the parties agree on a price, a contract is signed and the air conditioner is installed before you have your event.

There are companies which might charge you a refundable security deposit. If there are any damages to the air conditioner they deduct the reparation from the security deposit. The fee that is charged depends on the length of time you are hiring the air conditioner for, and the brand you choose to have.