Metropolitan France A Country With Territory

by : amarticles-linda

Located in western Europe is France. It is referred to the shape of a hexagon because of its geometric shape. It borderers Luxembourg Germany Switzerland Italy Monaco Andorra Belgium and Spain. It is a country with metropolitan territory.

Metropolitan France has a wide variety of landscapes. To the west high mountain ranges and to the north coastal views. The highest point in western Europe is Mont Blanc which can be found in the Alps. Rivers in France include the Seine Loire Garonne and the Rhone. There are hundreds of airports in France. The biggest being Charles de Gaulle this is situated outside Paris.

Officially France is known as the French Republic which has a democracy. It is devolved country which is the seventh largest economy in the world. It is a member of the European Union. The name originates from the Frank who were a Germanic tribe that occupied the region after the western Roman Empire. More than half of the French population is said to have foreign backgrounds it therefore can be described as a country with diverse. A civil legal system is used. The law comes from written statutes. The Napoleonic Code established the basic principles. The French armed forces are divided into four branches army navy air and police. The population exceeds sixty one million. It is the twenty third popularise country in the world.

The railway network in France totals thirty one km the most extensive in Europe. Speed train include the Euro star and Euro tunnel Shuttle. These travel through the Channel tunnel. Rail connections to all other neighbouring countries in Europe have been developed. Intra-urban connections are also well developed with both underground services and trams complementing the buses. Motorway usage is paid through tolls.

The French healthcare system was ranked first worldwide by the World Health Organization in 1997. It is almost free for the people affected by certain diseases such as cancer. Statistical life expectancy at birth is seventy nine years.

The Tour de France is a popular road bike race in France. The FIFA World Cup 1998 and Rugby World Cup 2007 are hosted in France. The national football team is regarded as one of the most skilful teams in the world. The national rugby team compete at every world cup and take part in the annual Six Nations Championship. The car endurance race,twenty four Hours of Le Mans is also famously known.