Gifting Someone With A Unique World Globe

by : infocus

Do you know someone whose house reflects a shabby chic, old-world design? Or do you plan of encouraging someone to redo his or her house with the elegant old-world, antique home style? Why not try gifting him old-world globes? These globes are very elegant and classic, enhancing the old-world feel in one's house. These simple and miniature replicas of our world are exquisitely and beautifully designed masterpieces, which cost under $50 to as high as thousands of dollars.

1. Consider first the person to whom you will be giving the globe.

Tell him or her that a globe is a very good decorative accessory in your home.

2. Shop around for the globe that you like.

In the shops everywhere, as well as in countless websites over at the Internet, there is a wide array of globes to choose from. It is wise to look around for globes first, before you actually buy one. After all, you do want a quality and nice-looking globe but at a price you can afford. Check for the globe's size and colors. Most modern globes have oceans colored blue. But if you want old-world globes for a more antique feel, then shop around for globes with antique, cream-colored oceans. Consider also the globe stand. Think also if you want the globe to have an ordinary flat surface, or you want certain features, such as hills, volcanoes, or mountains in relief.

3. Do you want to give a small table globe or a bigger one, like a floor model?

Remember that there are also globes that can be converted into a table or floor model with just a few medications.

4. There are also globes that illuminate

Illuminated globes however have a more modern feel compared with unlighted, antique ones. So, if you want the receiver to have an antique feel, it might be wise to opt for an unlighted globe.

5. Consider also the detail your globe should have

The more basic globes have the names of countries. Some have more details, like cities and other cities, as well as the countries' landmarks and natural wonders. Of course, the larger the size of the globe you are buying, the bigger the space it has for more details.

6. Purchasing Tips

- Check if the stand goes with the globe
- Inspect if the globe stand is sturdy enough to hold the globe
- Check the accuracy of the globe
- Is the globe from a reputable manufacturer?

8. Ensure You Can Return It

If you have decided to finally buy one, make sure that you can return it or exchange for another if the recipient of your gift feels there are other types of globe that he or she can use for his or her home as decor.

9. Taking care of the globe

If you are giving a friend or family member an antique, old-world globe, you should remind him or her that taking care of the globe is important. You see, globes are covered with some special coating that is designed for protecting the ball and maintain its antique appearance. Globes that have accumulated household dust are easy to clean using a dry cloth. From time you may want to have a cloth slightly dampened for you to remove smudges or fingerprints. For marks or stains that are difficult to remove, you could use a non-abrasive product that is mild. You should not use household or industrial cleaners containing any solvent or alcohol. Having an old-world globe in a home gives off an antique and classic style. A gift of old-world antique world globe is never a wrong present to a friend or a close person to you.