Intelligent Use of Desk lamps

by : jraynal

Lighting fixtures such as lamps, tubes, bulbs, and floodlights play a major role in illuminating homes. Their level of brightness create different moods, settings, and perceived quality of the displayed furniture and home decor. Decorative items made of gold, silver, platinum, and diamond are better marketed and can be appreciated better based on the manner in which they are being displayed. They tend to sparkle and shine in the brilliance of lamps.

Every home, apart from being well designed to accommodate various needs in terms of space and layout is also required to be fitted well with lighting fixtures in order to allow persons living inside to carry on their household or work activities comfortably during day and night as required.

While designing children's rooms, apart from having tables and chairs, parents should especially look for desk lamps in order to allow their children to study in their respective rooms and thus enjoy the privacy and comfort of their own room with least disturbance possible. Desk lamps are light, easy to relocate and place elsewhere within the home based on the changing need and layout of the room, and provide focused lighting as well as private space to study even into the wee hours of the night.

Desk lamps occupy less space, as they can be perched on top of desks, with the least complicated wiring. They are easy to operate with toggle switches to turn the light on and off alternatively. Desk lamps have a flexible arm to move the head around into whichever direction you want the light to be directed, a shade around the lamp to provide focused lighting, on-off operation achievable through a rotational or a pull switch.

In the recent years, with the needs altering the design of desk lamps, more and more changes have happened on the design to support certain utilitarian needs. For instance, the flexible arm used to come as a single pliable rod that can turn to any direction. In the recent years, this flexible arm has hundreds of smaller segments that allow angular control over the direction in which one wants to point the light. This allows the desk lamps to be directed to any particular direction, without changing the position of the base desk lamp instrument.

Similarly, instead of an explicit switch for the on-off operations, desk lamps come with a touch-sensitive feature. It is easier to use this rather than grope around in the dark looking for switches to turn on the light. Brightness of the desk lamp can also be increased or decreased using the touch sensitive taps on the lamp. Desk lamps also come with dimmer switches with special bulbs that allow the brightness to be increased or decreased in several degrees. Sound sensitive lamps allow you to switch them on or off based on claps. Desk lamps are quite popular with children basically because of this unique feature and ease of use.

Desk lamps also provide a way to clamp them on the desktop. There are also pocket versions of them that can be carried across and connected to any specific location. Desk lamps use full-spectrum lighting that helps avoid any irritation to the eyes by the constant and focused reading of documents.