Organizing Family Rooms

by : jraynal

The family room is the room where the family does more "living" compared to the living room. The family room is where homework gets done, games are played and where people hang out. With the constant traffic in and out of this room, the room tends to get untidy. There are ways of organizing the family rooms; you could build shelves and add more storage space or your might find a piece of furniture that would serve the same purpose.

Using Entertainment Centers

Entertainments centers are a way to keep family rooms organized. Entertainment centers house your home TV, Video player, DVD player, CD and tape player, movies, DVDs, CDs and all other knick knacks associated with entertainment. An entertainment center allows all your equipment to be stored neatly and in one location.

Entertainment centers act as a TV stand and also as a cabinet to store the television, which is not being used, therefore transpiring a feeling of relaxation. Entertainment centers also act as a storage unit for some of your home decors and act as storage unit for videos and CDs. From a home design stand point, entertainment centers act as the focal center of the family room.

Entertainment centers can be made of different types of wood; maple, oak cherry to name a few. Due the varieties of styles and designs it will not be difficult to find and choose one that matches your current decor and decorating style. Years ago, an entertainment center consisted of a stand or a cart on which you placed your TV. There was also the TV cabinet that had a glass door that was held shut by a magnet. Entertainment centers have since evolved into functional multi-spaced centers that can be built in or custom built to suit your entertainment needs. They can have trays that roll out to store CDs, cassettes, games disks, and videos for easy access. Entertainment centers are also shelves to organize your video collection.

Some entertainment centers have doors that conceal and protect your electronic equipment. They can be made of wood or metal and can be designed to blend into your room furnishing when closed. Your entertainment center can have shelves where you can store some of your art pieces, pictures or keepsakes. Armoires make excellent entertainment centers, although people today are getting entertainment centers being custom built. These modern entertainment centers can almost perfectly match your decorating style. The internet offers a wonderful resource to finding entertainment centers and other home furnishings. You can also buy or download plans to build your own if you skilled and handy. Some entertainment centers can fit better or be more appropriate in a corner spot depending on the shape of the room.

Using Personal Lockers

The use of lockers in family rooms is a novel idea. Wooden locker style cabinets can be used to store each family member's possessions that are regularly used in the family room. The lockers can have shelves and drawers. This can be an excellent storage spot for blankets that the family uses to cuddle with when watching movies in the family room. Doors on the lockers keep the clutter out of sight and keep the room visibly organized. Lockers can also have a more general use, storing videos and CDs out of view.

The bottom line is finding a way to keep the clutter caused by family room accessories out of view.