The Remarkable Design And Comfort Of Foam Mattresses

by : seeley

Sleep is nature's way of providing rest and respite to the body. Yet the mattress which is supposed to ensure for good sleep might end up in ensuring for everything else except good sleep. This is not restive issue but certainly not a one that can be glossed over. Especially when it comes to matters of health and fitness.

Foam mattress comes in various types and with varying features. Science has brought general awareness amongst the people as regards to the mattress they use. Every technology casts its charm on the people living in the era only to be displayed by a better one.

The petroleum based foam mattress is though of to be an important source of chemicals at home that can cause cancer. During its decade existence, decay in the mattress takes place which is observed in the loss of weight of the mattress with the floor and the air becoming polluted with toxic dust generated during breakdown of foam.

As if turning the clock back, organic mattresses and organic bedding have come in use once again. These were the mattresses that people used in former times. These mattresses provided comfort and also resulted in absorbing moisture from the body, thereby preventing night sweating and other related ailments.

Further improvisations have culminated in memory foam mattresses becoming developed. They are an answer to most of the pains and discomforts that are associated with sleep. Technically, memory foam mattresses are made of visco-elastic material that is sensitive to heat and pressure. This gets molded to every turn of the body during the sleep. There is support and sensation of floating on air. The material is durable for long since it is resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew and mites.

Origin of memory foam mattress might take interesting reading. It was created by NASA and meant to be used during the space program as it offered astronauts support and comfort during the take-off and landing of spaceship. Later, the visco-elastic foam found usage in hospitals and nursing homes. Bedridden patients were rid of bed-sores.

What is strikingly appealing is that memory foam mattress differs from the rest. When purchasing them, the person's weight is reckoned. Body weight plays an important role when sleeping on a memory foam mattress. Temperature is the next issue. The visco-elastic material relies on both of these in order to mold to a person's body.

Memory foam mattresses are available in various thickness and densities. Density is matter of a person's choice of having soft or firm mattress. The higher the density, firmer is the mattress. Of course, density has nothing to do with the body's ability to support the body's overall weight. Thickness, on the other hand, has lot to do with weight. The larger the weight, larger would be the thickness of the mattress.

As an extension to what is there on the shelf, foam mattress memory review is a custom made bed which fits in the existing arrangement without necessitating a replacement. Costs are drastically reduced to just a tenth of what would have been normally payable. Both the spine and the pocket get taken care of.

Normally the bed is laid before the body is positioned. With memory foam mattresses, the bed gets molded to the body on application of heat and pressure by the body. This is not a Sleeping Revolution but a Revolution in Sleep! Fascinating, isn't it?