Vacuum Cleaners Ratings

by : gisbert

Vacuum cleaners ratings can be of great help to consumers who are planning to purchase a vac machine. But before any decision can be made, the buyer should first know what kind of vacuum would be appropriate for his or her use. Is a canister the right choice? Would an upright be appropriate? Knowing what type of machine would fit a particular surface area is the first step towards making a wise buy.

In most vacuum cleaners ratings reports, reviewers often recommend the brand that is considered the best in the product?s category. This information is helpful, particularly to those who are not too familiar with the workings of a vac machine. But before deciding on the brand, a buyer should first be armed with the information of what model is appropriate for a particular type of floor or surface.

Vac machines are generally categorized into seven types; uprights, canisters, robotic, handheld, wet vacs or wet/dry, backpacks and built-in or central. For home owners, the first five are appropriate; the last two are for industrial and commercial use.

For homes with a lot of carpeting, the upright is the more appropriate type. Most modern upright models have been much improved during the last five years and those that have on-board tools are highly effective for above floor cleaning. They are also highly recommended for houses with wall-to-wall carpets. Also, most uprights have excellent filtration that can be either HEPA or electrostatic.

For houses with bare floor surfaces and throw rugs, canisters are the best bet. Canister vacs can also be used in tile, wood and linoleum-covered floors. Models of canisters equipped with powered brush rolls provide high cleaning performance comparable to upright models. This type of machine is also known for having more suction and airflow and offers high level of filtration.

For people who do not like the idea of pushing a vac, buying a robotic model would be a wise move. Although most product reviewers are claiming that robotic vacs can never replace manual vacuuming, these robots are still convenient since there is not much physical work involve. All that needs to be done is to plug it in and let it do its job.

Vacuum cleaners ratings can be used as shopping guides, but before making any purchase, a consumer should first examine the type of floor or surface for which the machine would be used. Comparing prices of different models can also go a long way towards making the correct purchase.