Important Way of Maintaining Electrical Appliances

by : rhusain

What is the best way to maintain the electrical appliances? Here are some ideas of maintaining your appliances. Cleaning the grills or irons from the electric toaster can be a headache, as the grease sometimes has become to stick to the iron which very difficult to removed. But the following tips will help you to clean them in the easier way.

TO MAINTAIN ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES in good working order keep them clean and properly oiled. Some have sealed motors and never need oiling, but failure to oil the ones that need lubrication sends many a helpful gadget back to the manufacturer for repairs. Use the type of oil specified in your instruction booklet and the proper amount. Too much is often as bad as too little. If you have lost your instructions write for new ones or consult your local dealer.

MOTOR-DRIVEN EQUIPMENT including vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, mixers, and home freezers should never be stored in a place where the temperature goes lower than 40?F., unless they are designed especially to operate at low temperatures. Cold starting strains the motor and sometimes causes undue wear. If your appliance has been stored in a cold place, let it warm up at room temperature for several hours before you start the motor. This will give the oil or grease, used as a lubricant, a chance to warm so that it can do its work properly. These are general rules that apply to all electric equipment.

TO CLEAN APPLIANCES. Now for more specific notes about cleaning various appliances.

RULE ONE: Never attempt to clean any electrical appliance without first disconnecting it.

RULE TWO: Disconnect all cooking appliances promptly when their work is done so that food and grease won't burn hard on the surface.

RULE THREE: While some electrical appliances are now being advertised as "immersible" never put any electrical appliance into water to wash it, unless the manufacturer specifically states that this can be done.

CHROMIUM PLATING ON TOASTERS, waffle irons, coffeepots, etc., usually needs only to be wiped clean with a damp cloth and rubbed to a polish with a soft dry one. If it is greasy use a cloth wrung out of hot water and detergent, then rinse with a cloth wrung out of clear water and polish the metal dry. Chromium will not tarnish and it does not usually require a metal polish. If spatters of butter or oil burn onto the finish and won't wash off, rub them with a little silver polish. Chromium is a soft metal, applied as a plating, and harsh rubbing can damage it.

THE GRIDS OF SANDWICH GRILLS can be cleaned with a spatula or steel wool, or unscrewed and washed or scoured.

THE GRIDS OF WAFFLE IRONS are never washed because this removes the oil used to pretreat them so that waffles won't stick. Wipe the edges of the grids with a dry cloth and brush out any crumbs that may have collected on the grids. A little wire brush is good for this. Then wipe the grids with a damp cloth. Store both these appliances with their tops down to protect the grids from dust.

CRUMBS SHOULD BE CLEARED FROM TOASTERS regularly too. Some toasters have a crumb tray that can be slipped out and brushed or washed. Others have a removable base which can be taken off and cleaned. A small soft paint brush is good for brushing crumbs from the wires inside but don't brush the heating units. They clean themselves. If your toaster calls for oiling, this is a good time to attend to it. And how about a plastic cover as a precaution against dust and the meandering mouse?

THE INSET PANS OF ELECTRIC ROASTERS, the racks and small utensils can be removed and washed like other parts of the same material. Wipe the outside of the roaster and the shell with a damp cloth and polish with a dry one. The shell should never be put into water because it contains the electrical elements and controls. Care also should be taken not to wet the electrical connections and coils of the broiler unit. Store your roaster with the lid slightly open to avoid the development of stale or musty odors.

It is very much important to keep the electrical appliances clean and properly oiled. Motor driven equipment should be stored in a normal temperature to avoid the stains on the motor. Chromium plating on the toaster can be wiped clean, the greased caused by the spatter butter or oil can be removed using silver polish. Wipe the grids of waffle irons with dry cloth and brush out any crumbs as to washing them will removes the oil used to pretreat them to avoid the waffles to stick. Use a small paint brush to brush the crumbs from inside the toaster.