How To Choose A Quality Goose Down Comforter

by : teahupoo

When you are looking to purchase your first goose down comforter, there are several things you should be looking for, prior to the actual purchase. You will definitely want to consider the following things to ensure that you find the proper goose down comforter for you. The right goose down comforter can make a large difference between an uncomfortable night's sleep and a comfortable one. The following are a few different tips that will help you locate the best possible comforter for you. By following these tips, you will be ensured a comfort level of sleep unmatched by any other.

The first thing you should be looking for is the size; a goose down comforter only works well when it fits your particular bed. If you buy beeding that is too small it will not cover the bed and essentially not be worth the money you spend. One that is overly large for the bed will hand off the side and could present a hazard to those sleepy eyed folks who get out of bed and could potentially trip. Therefore, finding the appropriate sized comforter is a necessity.

The next thing you should be looking for is the thickness and weight of the goose down comforter. These aspects are extremely important; a heavy weight comforter is much warmer than a lighter one. The weight of the comforter is measured in ounces and has ranges of between twenty and seventy ounces.

Furthermore, when speaking in terms of weight, you may want to consider two different weights one for those cold winter months and another for the warmer months during any year. By doing so you are making sure you will always be comfortable regardless of what season it is.

The last thing you should be looking for is the stitching and fabric of the comforter. You will want a comforter that has a thread count of no less than at least 200. The higher the thread count the more durable the goose down comforter and the better chance the goose feathers will stay within the comforter. When looking at stitching look for a comforter that has boxed stitching. This type of stitching helps keep your comforter in its original condition.

Overall, simply look for a goose down comforter that is durable, comfortable, and appealing to you. After all, you are the one who is buying the comforter and you are the one that is using it as well.