Should You Consider Building A Pool House?

by : teahupoo

With hundreds of thousands of pools resting in America's backyards, an equal number of pool accessories exist. But while many will consider pool toys or pool hardware, the biggest accessory is also the best: the pool house. Pool dreamers and owners alike must ask themselves one question when considering their pool: do I need a pool house?

Many will automatically answer no, without even considering the uses of a pool house. These individuals consider an additional building a frivolous expense that just soaks up more money in its construction and maintenance. But in reality, those who reject the idea without considering it might be the ones who in fact need the pool house the most. Before making a hasty decision on building this important accessory, pool owners should consider the benefits of such a house from all angles.

Most individuals simply do not know that pool houses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and styles. They don't have to have mahogany floors and glass ceilings or cost more than the house that sits in front of it. Unfortunately, the simple label of "house" often leads to the mistaken assumption that pool houses take up vast amounts of space and cost thousands of dollars. The variety of shapes and sizes also come with a variety of prices. Thus a pool owner can purchase a pool house as large or small as he would like.

Another misassumption involves pool house construction. Contractors do not necessarily have to tear through a homeowner's lawn to construct the building on the property. Many think that a pool house goes up just like a regular house, and thus will cost as much as a regular home. Certainly a contractor can build a custom made pool house, but other options abound. A large number of retailers, on and offline, specialize in pre made pool houses. These pre made houses offer a variety of options with different models available along with the option of delivery right to the owner's backyard. Many times these houses come in one or two pieces.

Pool owners should consider the full uses of a pool house as well. A wide variety exists, from simply housing guests to helping owners host a party in a clean environment. The pool house will provide a place for wet and dripping guests to change instead of traipsing through a previously clean house and soiling carpets and furniture.

Some owners even use the houses to store swim accessories like pool cleaning supplies, toys, lifesaving devices, and furniture. The house will provide storage and thus a cleaner backyard. Both the pool and backyard will look more inviting.

Thanks to creative manufacturers, not all pool houses are built the same, and thus all pool owners should consider what a pool house could do for them.