Watch Movies At Home With A Home Theater System

by : teahupoo

There are few things that are as entertaining as going to the movie theater. People will drive for miles to get to the theater, and spend 20 minutes trying to find parking. If it's a popular movie, they arrive early and stand in long lines outside despite the weather, hoping that there will still be a ticket available when they reach the window. It might sound crazy to go through all of that just to spend a couple of hours enjoying a movie, but people do it all the time.

What lures people to the movies is a combination of things. Watching a movie on a large screen makes you feel a part of the action and the sound system further enhances that effect. Still, going to the movies is expensive and time consuming, so some people are investing home theater systems.

Home theater systems used to be enjoyed only by the wealthy, who had the space to set up a theater sized screen and the money to invest in an expensive sound system. Recognizing how much people enjoy watching movies, electronic manufacturers have begun to introduce home theater systems that emulate the feel of an actual movie house. These systems contain surround sound and large screen TVs, so that people can now enjoy watching their favorite flicks in the comfort of their own home. Not only are they purchased for their convenience but even though the initial cost of them may be pricey, in comparison to the cost of paying to see movies in the theater, they actually will save money in the long run.

The first item that you need to get for your home theater system is a big screened television set. You can save money if you wait for them to go on sale. The next item is a good DVD player, particularly the ones that come with a progressive scan feature. Next you will need to purchase a good speaker system to enjoy surround sound. Having the sound of your movie coming from different areas of the room enhances it and has a stronger impact than the speakers that just come with the television. You should have at least three of these speakers, but if you have enough room, add more of them. The more speakers you have, the better the sound will be. If you have the extra space, consider a home theater projection system and add other touches like chairs that are similar to those found in theaters.

Finally, make sure you are well stocked with microwave popcorn. You can get them in packages that are shaped similar to the boxes that you get in the movie theater. After all, what good is a movie without the popcorn to go with it?