The Wool Mattress Pad in Modern Beds

by : darkforces

Many people do not have the slightest idea about the quality of their beds. We rely on our necks and backs to test its quality. If our neck had gone stiff and our back ached as though a sledgehammer had been pounded on it, then we would conclude that our bed of a low quality. This is actually a good test. However, we would not want to make a mistake and shed a large sum of money for a low quality bed. So how would one know if he is buying a high quality sleeping nest for himself?

If one will try and checkin in a hotel and try out their available premium rooms, one will recognize the difference of a comforting bed from the usual bed for sleeping. If a guest will carefully scrutinize the beds in these premium rooms, they will discover that the beds mattress pads are made up of wool material. Aside from the premium rooms of hotels, these mattress pads are originally used in hospitals to provide top quality comfort to patients and babies.

Such mattress pads are available in two varieties; wool felt fabric that is encased inside cotton or a wool fleece. Most people will single out the wool felt fabric as most comforting as compared to the wool fleece. As more and more people slack in their sleeping patterns, they get mature in choosing their bed materials. They need a bed that can give them a good night sleep in as many hours as possible. Such beds usually use mattress pads made up of wool as they provide the best sleeping surface for people of all body structure.

The wool material of mattress pads is chemicalfree and naturally flame resistant. The material also discourages the growth of molds and mildew and has an inherent resistance to mites. The material, aside from being longlasting, is breathable, washable and is the most resilient of the natural fibers. The wool is odorfree since it has natural occurring lanolin that acts as a deodorizer protecting the wool from absorption of odors in the environment. It is also said that it emits almost zero volatile organic compounds to the environment which most environmentalists desire.

Today, mattress pads made up of wool are not only used in hospitals for patients and babies, it is now being used on top of wool and cotton futons, contemporary mattresses, water beds and latex mattress pads. The pads add a longlasting cushion to any kind of bed available. Various lodging chains and independent properties are presently adopting the mattress pads made of wool felt fabric in their beds to provide guests a quality sleep.