Stay Away From Pink Flamingos: Decorate Your Bathroom With Class

by : teahupoo

Your bathroom, more than any other room in the house, demonstrates how much you really care about your home. Consider this: people walk into your house everyday and get glimpses of your kitchen and living room, so surely you will spend time decorating those. But the people who ask to use your restroom will really know how much you care because now they're getting into the real guts of your house. So at this point, it's important to make sure that even this room makes your guests feel comfortable and at home while reflecting your personal tastes. In a nutshell, take time to decorate your bathroom.

Your bathroom should aim to do two things: soothe whoever is using it, and reflect your personal tastes as a homeowner and homemaker. So how do you soothe your guest? The same way that you soothe them in the rest of your home: you keep the same palette going. No one should walk into your bathroom and feel startled by the design of it. Your designs instead should move seamlessly from the rooms outside the bathroom to the inside of the bathroom.

Consider tasteful decorations. Do not, for example, pick pictures of children chasing a bird in the country side. Instead, in my opinion, a great bathroom needs great artwork, like abstract art with bold colors that require concentration to understand the artist's feelings and desires. Pencil drawings work well also. Your pictures should reflect a thoughtful attitude towards the one viewing them, so give them something to consider instead of a blatant and simple picture.

While you are trying to make your bathroom sophisticated and classy, consider how you can make it reflect you as well, just like the rest of your home does. When a person walks into your home, based on the items that he immediately sees, that person should be able to distinguish within a few moments what matters most to you. Do the same thing in your bathroom. Seamlessly carry the same ideas and themes into the bathroom that you have outside the bathroom. Most interior designers attempt to create only a subtle change from the rooms outside the bathroom, because, again, no one wants to be startled by what he sees when he opens the bathroom door.

Creating a classy bathroom shouldn't break the bank. While you should expect to spend big bucks on expensive fixtures, you don't have to empty your wallet for the right decorations and accessories. Look for classy pictures at discount stores or in clearance bins. You might find exactly what you need there more so than at an expensive art store. After all, you are decorating the bathroom. You shouldn't put a real Monet in a place where the humidity would literally ruin it.

The next time it's time to give your home a face lift, consider the bathroom. It can top off your home decor more than you know.