Some Little Known Facts You May Not Know About Mirrors

by : teahupoo

Mirrors are the doors that are opened to reveal our other most changeable sides. Perhaps they are best key to unlocking our vanity and our self esteem. There are so many wonderful things that mirrors do in our everyday life besides take part in the creation of a socially acceptable person. They are there to ensure that we do not get into accidents, they help with communication and they are also even used as part of external appearance therapy treatments for low self esteem.

What more could we ask from the mirrors that can make us feel amused when they play with our senses in amusement parks. Like all things, mirrors need to be taken care of. They need to be regarded with a precious nature. This is not to say that you have to put your life on hold just so that you can spend time cleaning your mirror. It is clear that there are and always will be things that are more important than taking care of your mirrors on a daily basis. There are, however, some tips about mirrors that will make you feel a sense of appreciation for them.

Mirrors have a great place in history, from being featured in a popular fairy tale that dwelt on excessive vanity, to becoming the symbol of great superstition that even level-headed people of today still seem to believe. Mirrors are fascinating because it is always so amazing to see what they do. Just think about it, what would life be like if mirrors were not silent players in our daily lives? Would we be able to watch the wonder of a child that sees their tiny faces for the first time in a mirror? Would we be able to enjoy the detective series with their two way mirrors? The answer to these questions is often "no".

The point of all this is this; you can always do something to improve the condition of your mirrors. Most antique mirrors are in demand by antique collectors. So if you have a lovely antique mirror that you have been wishing to get rid of then you should take it to an auction. You will be amazed at what price some collectors are willing to pay for a mirror that has a history and attractive design to back it up.

Another good tip is that if you have lovely wooden frame mirrors, you should avoid using ordinary furniture polish. Warm water with bicarbonate of soda always helps the wood maintain its subtle shine. The clear reason for this is that ordinary furniture polish often builds up and creates a wax that clings to the wood. Usually these furniture polishes will also give your mirrors an unattractive waxy shine.