Is A Telescopic Ladder Right For Me?

by : darkforces

Thinking about pitching that old ladder for a new telescopic ladder? Sure they are nice, but did you know that they arent always the safest ladders out there? It is important that you first understand what these ladders are capable of before deciding if they are right for you.

The design of the telescopic ladder is pure genius. Just like a telescope, each level of the ladder slides down to stack on the next lowest rung, basically collapsing on its self to save space. This is a wonderful idea for the individual who has trouble finding a place to store a full size ladder. Since it can collapse down to a much smaller size, portability will no longer be a problem since it can be easily maneuvered into places where a conventional ladder might not have normally reached due to space limitations.

Telescopic ladder systems work by having each rung lock into place once extended. This means that the ladder does not have to be fully extended in order to safely work upon it. However, you must realize that you are entrusting your safety to this locking mechanism. There have been many accounts where this type of ladder had begun to wear and the user was unable to tell that one of the rungs was not locked into place. Since it is difficult, sometimes impossible, to see these locking mechanisms it is important to inspect your telescopic ladder before beginning to climb upon it.

For light use this ladder is said to be best. Many people believe that when you begin to do heavy work on a telescopic ladder, you begin to weaken the integrity of the locking mechanism, which can result in serious injury. It is worth mentioning that this is not the case with all manufacturers. When it comes to a product like this, one shouldnt see a small price tag and see it as a bargain. Although they range in price, the more notable ladder systems range between $300 and $400. While this may be more than a conventional ladder, you can be sure that you are buying a quality-tested ladder.

The telescopic ladder is great for working in small areas that a normal ladder cant safely maneuver to. Remember, a great bargain does not always mean a good product. Be sure to inspect each ladder before buying and ask questions about each of them. The information from the dealer is just as important as the users manual.