Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner

by : teahupoo

The vacuum cleaner business has grown tremendously in recent years. There are new and innovative styles coming out every year. We are no longer confined to the traditional upright bagged vacuum cleaner. Instead we can choose from vacuums with and without bags, as well as vacuums that are upright, canister or have HEPA filtration systems.

The first official vacuum cleaner was developed in 1908 by James Spangler. James was the cousin of William Hoover, the name that so many of us are familiar with when it comes to vacuums. James is the one who was able to obtain the patent rights to the first vacuum cleaner that ran on electricity.
But even before the first electrical vacuum a man named Daniel Hess had created a machine that worked like a vacuum. Daniel's machine was patented in 1860 and was designed to use rotating brushes that were attached to the bottom of the machine and helped create suction.

It use to be that we were only worried about making sure our vacuum picked up the crumbs and dirt that was in our carpet. To ensure you are gathering all the dirt you should look at the suction of the motor that your vacuum cleaner has. The bigger the motor the more capable it will be to suction all the debris you have in your carpet.

Another important aspect of a vacuum cleaner is its ability to filter the dirt out before spitting the air back into your environment. With the invention of the HEPA filter now most dirt particles, allergens, and pollens are cleaned from the air as you vacuum. The HEPA filter in a vacuum can really reduce the allergy affects of a home on the individuals that live there.

You will also need to decide between a canister or regular vacuum. The upright regular vacuum still tends to be the most popular, but many people love the canister type of vacuum for their stairs and vacuuming in tight spots.

With so much variety in vacuum cleaners it can be extremely confusing for people who are just getting started in their vacuum cleaner search. But if you shop according to your needs you will be sure to find the perfect vacuum for you. If you only have a small area of carpet and most of your home is hardwood floors you may not need to invest as much into your new vacuum purchase. On the other hand if your home is all carpet, your vacuum purchase is going to be a major appliance and you should consider investing in a very high quality machine.