Bathroom Vanity - Which Style Should You Choose?

by : lynter

Bathroom vanity has grown in popularity in recent years - making it the in thing to have in your bathroom. Much of its popularity may be due to the idea of personalizing your space. Vanities have become a niche market, something that has become extremely popular in the US market, whether it is a type of car, a particular drink or bathroom style.

This way of marketing increases the choices of style available to you, from wall coverings to faucets everyone is looking for something with a personalized sense of style.

Your choice of flooring can set the tone for the entire bathroom. Some types of popular flooring include ceramic tile, porcelain tile or stone. Earthy colors are popular and give your bathroom a timeless feel. Whether you are going for a full remodel or just doing it piece by piece a bathroom vanity can radically alter the look of your bathroom.

Bathroom vanities come in different shapes and sizes and can made from just about any type of material. Stone pieces can provide a feeling of strength or you can use glass to portray delicacy. Add a modern touch to your bathroom with a metal vanity and, of course, non-fogging glass will be a part of any truly luxurious bathroom. Whichever style you choose try to see it as part of the rest of your bathroom. If you want a Victorian look then porcelain and wood might look best.

No matter how you design your bathroom, the addition of a bathroom vanity will give your bathroom that bit of extra style.

One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to improve your bathroom. The bathroom industry has done very well - largely as a result of the fact that a bathroom can make or break a house sale. More people are redesigning their bathroom, bringing it up to date with the use of color, new showers and of course a bathroom vanity.

Bathroom vanities are a particular favorite with women. It is easy to see yourself sat at an up to the minute marble vanity applying your make-up before going out for the evening.

Before you buy a vanity, however, be sure to measure your bathroom so that you know what space is available. Once you are in the shop then you need to make sure that the measurements of the bathroom vanity you have chosen fit with the measurements of the available space.

Choose a bathroom vanity that fits in with the existing style of your bathroom - if you are completely remodeling then make sure that the vanity goes with the colors and materials that you have in mind for the rest of the bathroom

Once your bathroom vanity is installed then take care of it. Do not use harsh scouring materials; ask the manufacturer whether there is a particular cleaning agent they would recommend for the product. Do this and your vanity will serve you well and keep your bathroom looking smart.


Whether you are just updating your bathroom or completely remodeling, a bathroom vanity can be both serviceable and stylish. It will give your bathroom that up to the minute look that everyone wants.