Lingerie Shopping Sucks, So Heres How To Make It Easier

by : teahupoo

Like most guys, I hate shopping. Shopping is right up there with being hung upside down by my toes, not on my list of favorite things to do. Shopping for lingerie is at the top of my shopping "hate list".

Why? Because in general you have to go to the mall, park two miles away, and then walk through this huge maze just to find the lingerie store and then once you get there everyone looks at you like you have two heads. You know what I'm talking about. Yeah, you may get the occasional comment about how sweet you are for doing it, but it's usually because they are trying to butter you up to spend more money!

The second reason I hate going shopping has nothing to do with lingerie, it's just the shopping environment itself. You have to spend hours walking around on concrete, which for the average older guy at least, is brutal to the knees. I would much rather be home.

Now, back to the lingerie experience. First off, you walk into the store with everyone staring at you and you know they are watching every move you make. I don't know about you, but for the average male just being in a lingerie store is stressful enough without being made to feel like a fox in the henhouse. Granted, it can be an eye opening experience in more ways than one, but at what price?

If you have never shopped for lingerie before you are going to be totally confused and overwhelmed by going to a local lingerie store, like the big secret, if you know what I mean. They have so many different types, styles, colors, and sizes that you will just be left even more confused than before you came and it will take you hours to realize that you are just too uninformed to be able to buy the lingerie there.

For us guys, the whole idea of lingerie just doesn't add up. You spend over a hundred bucks on something sexy for your lady to wear, but the idea is for her not to be wearing in more than thirty seconds! Of course, there are other types of lingerie but this is what guys think of when thinking of lingerie.

If you are trying to shop for lingerie for your lady or if you are a lady getting a kick out of this article from a man's perspective I would urge you to do what I have done and skip the traffic, the mall, and the stupid looks at the lingerie store and just do your lingerie shopping online.