Learning the Basics of How to Make a Conference Call

by : gisbert

Don't know how to make a conference call? No worries - for the most part, conference calls are easy to work out. And once you've done it, it's almost muscle memory; you need not worry about botching the job the next time you have to set one up.

Different call providers might have different routines for logging into their conference service, but the procedure is essentially the same. Once you've selected a carrier, ask them directly for instructions. Your provider ought to be able to walk you through the process even if you don't have the first idea yet how to make a conference call.

There are so many conferencing providers out there -- how can you tell which ones are best? Well, pricing is one of the first criteria. Look for a provider in your area that offers cheap long distance connection rates. Sometimes, having to connect to individuals based in other parts of the world can be trickier or more expensive than initially assumed. The nearer the provider is to you, as the initiator of the call, it is assumed that the sharper your reception will be. Anticipate problems with reception if some members of the conference are on the go or too far away.

Have a good idea of the number of people who will be accessing the conference call. This will enable your provider to select the best package to suit your needs. Sometimes, for small-scale packages, only six people (including yourself as the service subscriber) will be able to log into a teleconference at the same time.

Many conference call providers start off by assigning you a toll-free number, open for use only at the conference time you specify. Then, you'll be given information such as passwords or security codes which you can distribute to the other conference participants; they can then use those codes to access the toll-free number at the proper time. As the initiator of the teleconference (sometimes known as the Host) you'll be assigned a separate login, and this login will empower you to moderate the conference via simple touch tone commands. You can choose to mute only certain participants, or mute the entire conference, control the volume, etc. Remember: this is a huge responsibility!

Thanks to modern technology, teleconferencing doesn't have to be very hard for those of us who have yet to learn how to make a conference call. Don't let the fancy tech terms intimidate you -- it's as easy as pressing 1, 2, then 3!